ThinkToPrint is a Web based image editor, specifically designed for printing firms. This application enables printing firms and different other users to provide an online tool where they design and place an order for printing of custom designs. It is an unique online utility solution to facilitate print service providers.

This editor can be integrated with most modern e-commerce platforms like Magento, OpenCart, SpreeCommerce etc. User is provided with an image editor with advanced editing capabilities. One can easily upload an image and customise it. After editing one can order the design to be printed on any of the available inventory available with the print service provider.

Technologies Used

Node.Js (v0.10.26), SailsJs (v0.9.7), Express (v3.4.4), Twitter Bootstrap (v3.0.3), jQuery (v1.9.1), LESS/CSS, Phantom.JS, MongoDB (v0.9.5)


Usually the printing forms are provided with an image by their customers and requested to edit the images before finally approving the design for printing. This web based application enables the customer to edit and submit the design for final printing. High technology has done us one great service, it has retaught us the delight of performing simple and primordial tasks. Our technology experts concluded a platform with very dynamic and event driven behaviour.

If you are a printing firm interested in setting up an e-commerce presence or wish to integrate the ThinkToPrint solution to your existing e-commerce presence, do not hesitate to contact us at    moc.a1664715520rtnat1664715520ten@s1664715520elas1664715520 or by filling in the form at