The world moves forward with the help of breakthrough innovations ideated through years of research on pressing problems. The world of technology is no different either. The solution to every technological shortcoming formulates from research and eventually becomes an instrument of revolution.

NetTantra positions its interest on innovations aided by deep industry research. Members of the NetTantra team have been researching advanced technologies in the fields of Machine Learning, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and VLSI. Our team members work alongside researchers of top universities, industry experts and stakeholders to improve the way technological problems are addressed in the current scenario.

In the pursuance of excellence and encouragement for deserving young researchers, NetTantra offers study and travel grants alongwith facilitation of job opportunities in various allied sectors. Often NetTantra also works alongside aspiring researchers by providing them with the necessary resources and avenues to interact with members from the industry as well as academia.

On-going Research Projects

Blockchain Research Project in creating a Summary of Knowledge for Blockchain, in collaboration with a Lab from one of the top Universities in the US.

Blockchain Research Project in using Lightning for quickening transactions over Ethereum, in collaboration with renowned Computer Scientists and Experts in Distributed Computing.

Blockchain and Renewable Energy Research Project building a Consensus Network, in collaboration with a renowned Professor from one of the top Engineering schools in India.

Product Development Consulting

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