NetTantra offers you the most comprehensive and effective solution for all your web related needs. This includes right from analyzing your business processes and designing technical solutions, to developing and maintaining web applications and web resources to help you conduct your business effectively. Our range of services include:

  • Web Design Services

    Web Design ServicesWith an extremely competent design team on-board NetTantra, it is imperative that you would get the best quality design services from us. We have expertise in Web UI/UX design, Basic Website design, Lead generation website design, Website redesign, Web Application UI Design and Dashboard Interface Design. All our designs are done using the best design tools available keeping the end-users experience and perspective in the mind.
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  • Development Services

    Design ServicesFrom front-end programming to server-side scripting and database development our team has specialists in all areas of development. We are very strict about the quality of our code and ensure that all the code we write are precise, well-documented and maintainable . To know more about the technologies we use and offer services on click here.
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  • Technical Consulting

    Technical ConsultingWe share our knowledge and expertise with our clients to help them solve web-technology related issues. Some of our fields of expertise where in we can help you the best are Search Engine Optimization, Website Optimization, Web App Optimization, Web Infrastructure and System Administration.
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  • Cloud Solutions

    With ever increasing demand of cloud based solutions and services it is imperative that the most web-applications developed in the near future will have to be cloud enabled. We at NetTantra provide cloud based solutions to our clients to help create applications which are potentially future proof in-terms of scalability.
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  • eCommerce Client Support

    With a core focus on Software solutions and web-services, NetTantra also focuses on eCommerce seller Customer Support via emails, VoIP calls and live chat services. With an exposure of more than 8 years in the industry, we are quite adept at handling your customers’ queries, just the way you would like them to be taken care of.
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  • We have been with NetTantra for quite a few months now. In the beginning, we were a little reluctant to pass our customer services to NetTantra, but we decided to have a go anyway. Today, I can honestly say that […]

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  • Introducing NetTantra to our customer service department was a daunting task for our team, we have never brought anyone from out of the office into this department before. Being based in the UK meant we had to put time into […]

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  • I consider NetTantra a top notch web designer and development company as we have experienced by partnering with them for our website The protagonist of the company Devdatta Sahoo stays current on all issues concerning web design, he is […]

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  • After an intensive amount of work on the concept and design for Chez Nini’s website, I started a wide search for the right team to bring this design to life on the web. The Net Tantra team came highly recommended […]

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  • I am happy to recommend NetTantra.  My experience with the team was very positive, I was especially pleased with how Devadatta managed the client relationship, explaining technical jargon easily. Moreover, they were able to manage the delivery schedule, amenable to changes […]

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  • The NetTantra team delivers exceptional customer service – a recent miracle performed by NetTantra was an overnight turn-around (on their Saturday) to save a brand animation that was due to launch a new product for a high-level, US-based client on […]

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  • We had a very delightful experience while working on our project with NetTantra. The team was quick in comprehending our requirements and the intent of the project. The guys at NetTantra knew just the right set of tools and technologies […]

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  • We are very impressed with NetTantra’s approach and working style. Our requirements were complex and dynamic comprising of rich data sets and simple(yet professional) user interface. We are happy with the quality of the product as well as the responsiveness […]

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