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ecommerce-client-supportWith a core focus on Sofware solutions and web-services, NetTantra also focuses on eCommerce seller Customer Support via emails, VoIP calls and live chat services. With an exposure of more than 8 years in the industry, we are quite adept at handling your customers’ queries, just the way you would like them to be taken care of.

The motive: Quite simple. Our Customer Happiness Engineers keep your customers delighted with their awesome services and you grow your business without having to worry a bit about your customer communications. We have a vested interest in your growth as we grow when you grow.

Our expertise: Our Customer Happiness Engineers can easily navigate through any multi-channel software that you might be using. Though we have worked mostly on Linnworks & Channel Advisor, we are open to learning about newer multi-channel software with more contemporary features.

We also have worked with email platforms like XSellCo & Reply Manager which brings all the customer email communications from multiple sales channels on a single platform. This makes your customer communications smoother and hassles free, without you having to log in to various channels to reply to customers’ emails.

Normally, we provide customer service from 9 AM to 5 PM, UK time, however, we can also provide 24 X 7 X 365 days service, divided into shifts of 8 hours per day.

Our scope of work has included the following:

Level 1 Support: Order Status, Order edit, Product specific Queries, Product Availability, Post-delivery queries, Product Returns, Upselling related items, Shipment tracking, Technical issues, Cart Abandon Issue tracking, Phone orders, Complaint Management, etc.

Level 2 Support: Amazon & eBay feedback resolutions, Paypal claims, eBay resolution center, Dispute analysis, Negative feedback fact finding, Handling Priority clientele, Loyalty program management, Bulk order deals & price Negotiations etc.

What Our Clients Say About Us:

Introducing NetTantra to our customer service department was a daunting task for our team, we have never brought anyone from out of the office into this department before. Being based in the UK meant we had to put time into showing the team our flow of work, they took this in their stride and learnt quickly. The most apparent part was that we could completely trust their team to represent our company professionally with all of our customers. Their eagerness to learn and attentive care has made a significant difference to the way support runs. They have opened doors for other team members here to focus on other areas.If you want someone you can trust, and a team to put in that extra mile, these are your guys. Their work ethic is outstanding, they won’t let you down. – Michaela Phillips, The Gift Oasis, UK.

We have been with NetTantra for quite a few months now. In the beginning, we were a little reluctant to pass our customer services to NetTantra, but we decided to have a go anyway. Today, I can honestly say that it was the right move for us, they are very professional and are always looking to improve and offer better customer services and support. We can see the results of their work in our feedback and customer’s replies, our customers are always happy with the great level of services received and we now have the peace of mind and more free time to concentrate on other things. – Marcos Jager, Managing Director, Alivo, UK.

Why NetTantra:

Some studies suggest that more than 50% of the efforts of an e-commerce seller goes into providing customer service to sustain the desired feedback scores. However, if this 50% of the effort is focused appropriately on sales and strategizing optimum growth avenues, this would certainly see a definite increase in your sales volume. This is where we come in to assist you with it.

  • To outsource the entire customer services to professionals who deliver their best in quality of services, at par with international standards.
  • Trained professionals with the requisite technology acumen ensure high definition support and retain the 1st time shoppers for repeat business.
  • Extensive research helps us understand the reasons for cart abandonment and customer dissatisfaction, thus, helps us figure out better ways to improve our skills.
  • Integrated telephony on VoIP, chat, and emails with high-end internet bandwidth ensures uninterrupted connectivity with our clients.
  • Customized reports help us with an insight of optimum ROI and to take informed decisions regarding sales projections and further investments.
  • Value-added services like content tweaking on the website, technology support etc. can reduce issues like multiple vendor management.

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