The technology team at NetTantra offers several technical consulting services. Our technical consulting services encompass a wide range of web-based and server-side technologies. We have expertise in various sectors of the web.

We offer our support in several server-side languages like PHP, Python, Ruby, etc. Our team of experts can help you figure out solutions on many CMS/Blog frameworks like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Plone, Radiant, etc. For web-applications development we use and support several MVC frameworks like Symfony, Django, Web2Py, RubyOnRails, etc. On the databases side we have expertise in several relational databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc. We also support non-relational databases like MongoDB, CouchDB, Cassandra, Big Table etc. offering our expert consulting in this sphere also. Our team also provides high-quality technical consulting in Linux/Unix system administration, especially in Ubuntu based deployments on both independent cluster and cloud deployments.

Some of the web technologies which we have expertise in are:

  • WordPress

    WordPress is the most popular hosted blogging platform in the world. With a very rich plugin and templating architecture WordPress can be extended to fit almost any kind of Content Management Requirement.
    With several successful projects and OpenSource plugins developed on top of WordPress NetTantra can help you deliver your next big CMS project on top of this acclaimed platform. To learn more click here.

  • Ruby on Rails

    Ruby on Rails, often shortened to Rails or RoR, is an open source web application framework for the Ruby programming language. It has become very popular because of its development Philosophy and Design. It is one of the best rapid applications development framework available today.
    NetTantra has experience of developing, deploying and maintaining several RoR applications for its clients. To learn more click here.

  • Django

    Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. Following a MVC design pattern it makes application development fun and rapid. With the added beauty of Python it is one framework which programmers love to code on and users love the resulting output.

  • Yii

    It is a relatively new MVC web-framework on PHP. It has the good parts of Python’s programming, Ruby On Rails’ architecture and PHP’s ease of use and deployment. NetTantra has developed and delivered several data driven applications on top of the Yii Framework.

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