Who We Are

We are a boutique Technology Consulting Firm specializing in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Information Technology and Software Development. Close to a decade of experience in the technology domain has helped us establish a strong reputation for providing high-quality consulting services among our clients and partners.

We strongly believe that a strong and well-knit team can deliver great results – contributing to recursive viral development.

What We Do

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Our Vision

As a company we aspire to become one of the top boutique global technology consulting firms – born and nurtured from India, solving tough and pressing global problems by the use of modern technologies.

At NetTantra our focus is on making the world a more decentralised, democratic and sustainable place through use of technology. We partner with organisations as well as individuals from around the globe in making a dent in the world we live in by creating solutions that eventually contribute to making lives easier.

Blockchain Consulting

a team driven by passion for technology craving perfection at every niche

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