Hostmyorkut let’s the user archive his Orkut data as a Facebook page. The user needs to login to the app with his Facebook credentials and upload the google take-out zip file.Thus the user can archive all his scraps, testimonials & photos in Facebook.


Orkut is shutting down, to get-hold of your data scraps, testimonials, photos, google lets you download all these data as a zip file and our tool Hostmyorkut converts this zip file to a browsable or easily navigable page on our site or as a Facebook page.

Technologies used :

WordPress 3.9.1, jQuery, LESS/CSS, Twitter Bootstrap v3.2.0

Database Used :



Users can log in using their facebook credentials and upload the orkut backup file. After the upload completes, users can access their orkut data through their Facebook account. It is also available as a Facebook app.

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