The main objective behind the site development is to make a titanic business social media with an extensive user database. Where an entrepreneur can promote their business by creating campaigns and let their customers share that with their colleagues through social media (Facebook) and get rewarded.


Merchants and users can leverage this platform. Merchants need to setup an merchant account which can be used to run campaigns & promotions, after having verified their account with the support team. The merchant user can track and analyse the campaign. A general user can share the links provided by merchants and claim the incentives offered.

Technologies Used

Node.JS (v0.10.26), SailsJS (v0.10.0-rc8), Express (v3.4.8), Twitter Bootstrap (v3.0.3), jQuery (v1.9.1), LESS/CSS

Database Used

Mongo Db (v1.3.23)


Our application provides a platform for merchants to reach out to prospective customers using social media and adding a viral element by incentivising sharing on these platforms. Users on the other side gain certain benefits, in the form of discounts or freebies by promoting a products/services in their social network. The team of NetTantra uses a multifaceted approach to the problem of breaking through online markets. They have responded to the social media revolution which has grown with almost exponential momentum in recent years.
If you are a business, looking to reach out to more consumers on social media, we can help you get started with our state of the art pieldin product for details contact us at moc.a1664711819rtnat1664711819ten@s1664711819elas1664711819 or by filling in the form at