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PiedIn – An Enterprise Social Media Promotion Tool

2014-07-26T16:40:11+05:30JavaScript, Node.JS, Web Application|

The main objective behind the site development is to make a titanic business social media with an extensive user database. Where an entrepreneur can promote their business by creating campaigns and let their customers share that with their colleagues through [...]

ThinkToPrint – A Technology Solution for Online Printing Firms

2014-07-18T00:45:24+05:30JavaScript, Node.JS, Web Application|

ThinkToPrint is a Web based image editor, specifically designed for printing firms. This application enables printing firms and different other users to provide an online tool where they design and place an order for printing of custom designs. It is an [...]

Passport IMAP – IMAP authentication strategy for Passport

2014-07-18T00:34:06+05:30JavaScript, Node.JS|

Passport IMAP is an authentication strategy for the Passport module. This module serves the purpose of authenticating a user using IMAP login credentials in Node.js application using the Passport authentication module. On NPM Registry: Click Here Project Repository: Click Here Installation npm [...]

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