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September 2022

Ensuring Positive Patient Outcomes Through the Right UX Strategy

2022-09-06T13:48:36+05:30Mobile Apps|

User Experience, aka UX, plays a very important role in defining the customer’s experience in the healthcare domain. In healthcare, UX stakes are very high. Nowadays, there is a lot of innovation taking place. We have augmented reality, artificial intelligence, [...]

Security Implications of Developing Mobile Healthcare Applications  

2022-09-06T15:26:51+05:30Mobile Apps|

With technology adoption increasing in the healthcare sector, medical organizations are coming across a tangible threat of sensitive patient data being accessed and misused by cybercriminals. Healthcare providers must manage the security of their digital services. This article will [...]

February 2015

Mobile application development- Overview

2015-02-28T10:31:07+05:30Mobile Apps|

Mobile application development is the set of processes and procedures involved in inditing software for minute, wireless computing contrivances such as smartphones or tablets. These applications can be pre-installed on phones during manufacturing platforms, or distributed as web applications utilizing [...]

December 2014

Mobile Apps- A Threat To Your Privacy

2014-12-01T17:36:13+05:30Android, Mobile Apps|

People have become over-reliant on mobile devices, especially on smartphones to drive their sociable, enjoyment and refinement networks. Operation of these phones is made possible by utilization of mobile applications. A mobile application, commonly referred to as apps. It is a [...]

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