iOS 8 is the most enormous iOS release ever for developers and everyone else. But that wasn’t the goal. It is simply set out to build the most natural, most utilizable experience one that is gladly surprising at first and becomes completely indispensable before you know it.

In lieu of a impressive redesign, you can expect this year’s mobile operating system update to sink everything together with the overall theme of meeting.

iOS 8 will feature tighter Mac unification while relaxing the limitations on Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Advanced software kits are additionally bringing once shattered security and health gadgets together.

Apple launched iOS 8 to the public on September 17, 2014, two days before the launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Despite of the public launch, the software went through five developer betas before a golden master was launched on September 9.

The present version of iOS 8 is iOS 8.1.2, a small update launched on December 9 with several bug fixes. Despite of  iOS 8.1.2, Apple launched iOS 8.1 with several advanced features like Apple Pay and SMS Call Forwarding. Apple has also implanted iOS 8.2 to developers, with the WatchKit SDK.

Apple launched iOS 8.1 to the public on Monday, October 20, bringing many advanced features and bug fixes. The update enabled support for Apple Pay, activated advanced Continuity features, and enabled iCloud Photo Library. A few other minor changes were introduced as well, outlined below:

Manage The Usage Of Battery By Each App:

Everyone has their own set of scrappy tricks to develop their iPhone’s battery life-cycle, but with iOS 8, it’s less of a assuming game. A neat little list in your Settings app will display you the accurate battery percentage each app you’re utilizing has sucked up that day.

You can zoom out with the week view to take note of your most exhausting activity and adjust your style accordingly.

Lock-screen Notifications As Per Location And A More Adjustable Safari:

If you have an app that’s formed by a categorical business, it’ll supposedly pop up on your lock screen when you pass by one of its locations. When you unlock your phone, it’ll bring you straight to the app, so you can facilely utilize it to pay for a latte at Starbucks or, in my case, a kale smoothie at Organic Avenue.

You can now power your Safari with DuckDuckGo, a search implement that’s concentrated on safeguarding your privacy. You also have the option to power it via Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

Unique Camera Roll With Advanced Siri :

With iOS 8, Apple discarded the camera roll that constituted an overview of all pictures taken. Due to favored demand, the Camera Roll feature was restored to iOS with iOS 8.1.

Siri is now capable to begin credit and debit cards integrated to Passbook for use with Apple Pay.


Continuity features like SMS Forwarding and Instant Hotspot now work with iOS 8.1 and the OS X Yosemite.

New Features Make The Experience:

These details make it brilliant. In iOS 8, you’ll find an appropriate advanced way to respond to notifications. Subsidiary shortcuts to the people you verbalize with most. And time-preserving features for controlling your mail. All of which make the experience of utilizing your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that is much more improved.

Smartest Keyboard Ever:

iOS 8 causes typing more facile by suggesting contextually convenient words to complete your sentences. It also recognises who you’re typing to and whether you’re in Mail or Messages. Because the pitch in an email may be differ from the pitch in a message.

Customizing Family Sharing:

Circulating with your family comes genuinely/by nature. Now it reaches to all your content. Up to six people in your household can facilely share each other’s purchases from iTunes and the App Store. You can additionally keep-up with each other’s photos, calendars, locations and more.

iCloud Drive:

Any kind of file. On all your devices. The good news is that you can work on any file, anywhere.That comprises of presentations, PDFs, images and more straight from iCloud. On whichever contrivance you’re utilizing, along with your Mac or PC.

Progressive Way To Keep A Track Of Your Health:

An absolutely advanced way to see and utilize your health and fitness data. Now your activity tracker, heart rate monitor and other health and fitness apps can verbalize with each other. It means they’ll be able to work even harder for you. And all the data is available in one easy‑to‑read dashboard.

iPhone, iPad and Mac:

Connected like never before. Things are about to get even better for people with multiple Apple contrivances. Now you can commence an email on one contrivance and logically progress on another. And iPhone owners can answer phone calls on their Mac or iPad, and also send SMS messages from any of them.

Therefore this accelerated update from Apple is filled with great advanced features, several of which could modify how you work, shop, and share. Even after its sprawling presentation of iOS 8’s new capabilities, there’s still more to discover.