Ideation to Scale


SaaS Subscription, Mobile App(the Android and iOS platforms) for Patients, Onsite Website 


NodeJS, Sails.js, Strapi, React.js, Next.js, React Native, TokBox (Vonage), Twilio, Javascript, Typescript, Tailwind, CSS, SCSS, Firebase, MongoDB, Postgres.

About the Client

DTY (abbreviated for confidentiality) is a telemedicine platform that connects patients with top doctors and therapists. The goal of DTY is to provide every American with the best medical care available worldwide.

The founding team, having extensively worked in the healthcare industry, found that virtual consultations for a significant portion of medical cases can drastically trim costs, while also increasing the patient’s satisfaction and compensation to doctors. Based on this insight, the team has built some tech-driven solutions to examine patients ‘virtually’ that allows them to identify patients’ ailments, and provide prescriptions.  

Though their current solution is good for handling limited demand, a lot of important parts of the customer journey were being handled manually, which could prove very costly while scaling the business. To improve process efficiency, strengthen their technical offerings, and improve the scope of scalability, DTY approached NetTantra. 

In this project, NetTantra collaborated with DTY and crafted a solution from the bottom up using advanced technologies for End-to-end digitalization. The following sections provide more information about the project and collaboration.

Problem Background

DTY was launched to bring innovation to the healthcare industry when the cost of healthcare is quickly becoming unaffordable. 

By treating 75% of common conditions, DTY helps to save money and time for people, avoid costly and time-consuming doctor visits, and also avoid surprising bills with emergency room expenditure or copays. With these considerations in mind, the founders devised a virtual solution that will benefit the patients.

Though DTY had a functional website, it lacked some key features, making the whole process heavily dependent on manual intervention. Moreover, the current system didn’t have a Mobile App solution as only they had WebApp as a platform to connect, and also many functionalities were not yet featured. This led to a lot of inefficiencies in the process. 

Based on the most pressing need, the DTY team suggested that NetTantra craft a solution that can provide a single point of access to all relevant data. Moreover, the client also requested NetTantra to include more features that can automate essential functions, and improve process efficiency. This was done by NetTantra by utilizing different tools and APIs like DoseSpot, Visage, etc. with DTY,  the details of which are shared below. 

Collaboration with NetTantra

The client collaborated with NetTantra asking for a solution where the Doctors can provide round-the-clock care without incurring the costs of running a 24-hour emergency room or a downtown office by leveraging advanced communication technologies.

Based on the objective at hand, NetTantra developed a fully integrated solution that provides a single point of access to virtual doctor consultations, online vital checks, and pharmacy orders. In this new solution, the Patients’ health profiles and records are all saved and accessible online. 

We started from the ground up on the web app, including all of the major elements including Role Management System, Doctor-Patient Communication (video consultation, messages, notifications, logs), Data Storage, and Important Integration to boost capabilities. Daily, we communicated with clients and kept them up to date on our progress.

Our team thoroughly designed their onsite website, providing all of the features that will suit the client’s platform requirements. We’ve also developed mobile apps for both Android and iOS, and included all of the web app’s features to make their solutions accessible across any platform.

Benefits to the Client

Our Team Nettantra crafted a solution for a seamless experience for both doctors and patients. 

In The DTY Mobile App, the Visage app is integrated which is a Face reading AI to recognize faces and detect the whole body in real-time which will help the doctors to understand the patient body type. 

With the DoseSpot and MyTelemedicine, both Twilio and TalkBox were integrated for audio and video call features added to the DTY’s platform. Doctors are notified via email and app notifications for appointments. Video consultation app and website Messaging Patients get appointment reminder emails as well as app notifications. Moreover, patients can access their entire details on the patient’s dashboards which will serve as a one-stop destination for all of their healthcare needs. 

In DTY’s platform, the subscribed person can get centralized access to the Test report, Health History,  Medicine History, and Pharmacy for Medicine from both integrated DoseSpot and MyTelemedicine platforms specifically designed to integrate with electronic health records.  

Patients can manage their health profiles by uploading their medical records (Symptoms, Prescriptions) in pdf and image formats. Patients can create and schedule new appointments with just a few clicks. Moreover, patients can now add dependents too (Spouse, Parents, Children). Likewise, the spouse can access their own and their children’s profiles, and take necessary steps accordingly.

With these integrations and additional functionalities, the platform became an end-to-end solution that provides centralized access to both doctors and patients. 


NetTantra worked with the DTY team For End-to-end digitalization, from scheduling appointments to contacting pharmacies for prescription medication delivery, enabling subscription model sign-in, online payments, and enrollment in healthcare programs. We’ve put in key integrations to ensure that users’ data, payments, and other sensitive information is safe and secure.

Both web and mobile apps (Android and iOS platforms) are available, and Multiple languages were supported based on the preferences of the patients. NetTantra also made sure that the new system is easy to use and has a variety of features. 

With such a solution, NetTantra has secured the long-term relevance of the offered product, as well as ensuring flexible scaling alternatives for the same in the future.