Strategy to Execution


HIPAA Compliance, Web and Mobile Apps, SaaS for Clinics


PHP, IoT, HandlebarJS, Allscripts, ElasticSearch, Looker, CardConnect, Ionic, PayJunction, Angular, Ext JS

About the Client

ATN (abbreviated for confidentially) is a cloud-based technology business focused on developing novel solutions for the fertility industry’s changing needs. 

The ATN EMR is a cloud-based electronic medical record, laboratory management, and practice management system designed specifically for fertility clinics to store health information in a digital format. The ATN team believes in the power of cooperation and in delivering practical and meaningful solutions to practitioners. ATN offers the most comprehensive software and services for fertility clinics on the market today. Its powerful and simple-to-use technology-driven tool has transformed how fertility clinics manage their processes. 

ATN’s primary focus has been on enhancing the ART experience, i.e. Assisted Reproductive Technology for patients, thanks to its ability to aggregate all patient data into a single central system. However, their solution is adequate for addressing low supply, and many critical aspects of the patient journey were managed manually, which could hinder their business growth. 

To address this issue, ATN consulted NetTantra to improve their technological solutions by creating an all-in-one solution that simplifies the practice, saves time and money, and allows clinics to focus on patient care. Complete details on the project and collaboration are shared in detail below.

Problem Background

ATN’s website was functional and had most of the elements needed to get things done, but it missed certain performance and experience-related elements. The web pages’ load time was high, which increased customer attrition rates.

The major issue was not being able to track the patient’s activities such as pending appointments, reports, etc. Moreover, a lot of data was generated by independent lab testing facilities, which wasn’t integrated with their web platform. This made the process cumbersome to deal with and needed constant manual intervention. 

Also, the payment gateway system wasn’t integrated yet,  and the platform didn’t have a structured system to generate reports and maintain billing information. They had to automate the payment system since managing it manually is complicated. 

ATN didn’t establish any monitoring procedures to manage relevant statistics, tasks, features, etc. which affected the experience of the users. The data that they had was not stored in a particular format that can be accounted for all kinds of requirements.

Furthermore, the current system lacked a mobile app solution because it relied solely on WebApp to serve mobile-based customers, where many features were still missing. As a result, the overall procedure became quite inefficient. 

As the situation demands attention,  NetTantra was recommended by the ATN team to create and execute a strategy that can provide an all-in-one solution to all important data using HIPAA-compliant and secure cloud-based technologies. In addition, the client requested NetTantra to provide advanced features to automate critical processes and boost system efficiency.

NetTantra accomplished this by combining various tools and APIs with ATN, the specifications of which are described below.

NetTantra’s Collaboration with the Client

The client approached NetTantra with a request for a solution in which a cloud-based system would have the advantage of never becoming locked in a static system, and that every practice deserved a superb and affordable EMR system with the essential features.

The NetTantra team identified the different crucial areas, devised the entire plan of action, and laid the groundwork based on the goal at hand. To assure system security and performance, NetTantra deployed cutting-edge technology and procedures. Our team created a scalable and secure infrastructure that can handle massive volumes of traffic and data while maintaining the value of collaborations with clinics, patients, and practitioners. 

To supply the website with the solutions it required, experts started from the bottom up, developing onboarding infrastructures and integrating new upgrades. Keeping the system running as it completed its current tasks. NetTantra designed a highly scalable and customizable platform that maintains the data’s integrity and security without jeopardizing the portal’s stability. 

We’ve integrated Looker and QuickSight with the database, a cloud-based business analytics service that makes it simple to create visualizations, business reports, or curated data analysis, and quickly gain business insights from the data. With this new tool at hand, ATN has direct access to well-model data, which enabled ATN to make data-driven decisions.

Earlier ATN’s database didn’t have any standard structure. It was hard to implement a data model and extract relevant insights. NetTantra modified the ATN’s Database structure and added business logic through which we can manage data easily and create different analytics needed for business. 

ATN was managing the data of fertility storage manually, NetTantra made it easy to get the details in the portals. We’ve integrated critical solutions in the portal where a user can check how many patients, embryos, and semen are stored. NetTantra created 4 different web interfaces for different clientele. Also, NetTantra has done the Lab integration. We have two different sources of Lab tests, one is in-house another one is MDM Lab. In this system, the lab test report gets automatically stored in the database. As we receive the test report in this system, we do pass it and store it in the database. 

Also for the payment gateway system NetTantra integrated  PayJunction and Cardconnect as third-party APIs. We’ve created mobile apps for Android and iOS that incorporate all of the functionality allowing them to use their solutions on any platform for both the Clinic/Doctor and patients. We’ve made it simple to communicate with patients and keep them up to date on all of their appointments, tasks, emails, and notifications. 

Our team adheres to the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Our team enabled the Text to Speech and Speech to Text which helps to communication process easily as per requirement. 

Benefits to the Client

Team NetTantra developed solutions to assist in streamlining and improving clinical documentation and monitoring procedures. In this tool, Lab Test Reports are automatically added to the patients’ profiles which easily, quickly, and securely documents the patient’s ART procedure. 

The separate dashboards are designed by our team, in that Doctors and patients can access the portal at any time to check patient information, upcoming consultations, task due on a specific date and time, etc. 

Our team made communication easy to stay in touch with the patients. We’ve enabled the features through which patients are notified of new notes, reminders, and tasks. Also, the messaging and video consultations are available via mobile apps.

Our team integrated the payment processing solution to streamline the billing process by invoicing patients directly for the services they received right after their appointments. In this payment solution, the system generated notifications about unpaid services or bills that will be received automatically. Patients can check all their invoices with the filter options.


NetTantra has created an all-in-one solution, started from the ground up, adding onboarding infrastructures and integrating new enhancements to provide the website with the solutions it required, mobile apps for clinics/doctors, patients’ mobile app, HIPAA compliance, interface for laboratory diagnosis, appointment creation interface, billing interface, upcoming appointments notifications, admin interface for modifying clinics roles and details, task calendar, separate login and dashboard for the patient, doctor. We’ve implemented crucial integrations to protect the safety and security of users’ data, payments, and other sensitive information. 

The Reproductive Fertility EMR was developed by our team to develop innovative solutions to meet the changing needs of the fertility health industry. The tool encourages collaboration while also giving accurate and valuable answers to practitioners. It provides reproductive clinics with the most comprehensive software and services on the market. Practitioners have been transformed by its powerful and simple-to-use tool. Our product’s ability to centralize all patient data has allowed it to focus on what matters most: improving the patient experience.

With this way to solve, NetTantra has ensured the product’s long-term relevance along with future scaling considerations.