Music & Entertainment


 Ideation to Scale


SaaS Subscription, Web App, Network, Marketplace


React, Python, Java, NextJS, CorePHP, Laravel

About the Client

IM (abbreviated for confidentiality) is an ecosystem marketplace for the global music and entertainment industry, connecting industry professionals and providing subscription based access to resources and services.

The founding team of IM wanted to build an online subscription based platform that connects DJs, labels and producers from all over the world, and provides access to their high quality works. Through this platform, they wanted to build an ecosystem that brings all the moving parts together, i.e. promotional releases to professional clubs, commercial radio, online radio, campus/college radio DJs, access to high quality works, streaming on local devices, etc.

Problem Background

As veterans in this domain, the founders of IM had a good network, a robust understanding of the current landscape, and knew the pain points that needed to be addressed. However, building a solution that aligned with their goals needed someone with a strong technical background, even though it doesn’t create a competitive advantage.

The founders needed a team who could help them test their ideas, build their initial prototypes, MVPs, improve the tech stack with their evolving needs, and scale their business with the increasing user base. In other terms, the founders needed a team who can pace with their growth and build solutions as per their changing requirements. 

NetTantra addressed all technical requirements, marked by continuous feedback loops and associated organic growth.

NetTantra’s Collaboration with the Client

NetTantra has been working with the founders for over two years, beginning collaboration at very early stages, when founders wanted to release its initial prototypes of the new version of their vision. As a part of the collaboration, NetTantra ensured that the technical solutions built were as per requirements in an agile manner, ensuring lower costs. 

As the web app grew from its early ideation phase to a user base of more than 10,000 paying customers, IM app now had changing needs based on evolving user behaviour and ever increasing user base. From initial prototypes built during early phases, NetTantra scaled IM’s complete platform that now systematically evolved to provide a holistic and unified experience to every user.

Workflows were modified based on the customer behaviour, with insights gathered directly from user feedback and founders’ observations. This ensured that every feature was built with purpose, and thus contributed directly to increased user retention. 

After having witnessed incremental growth in customer retention, IM decided to scale the solution further to accommodate over 50,000 paying customers. Presently, NetTantra is actively engaged to build an app which will be released on iOS and PlayStore.

Benefits to the Client

Building an own tech team needs a lot of investment and effort. For companies that leverage technologies to offer solutions to end customers, if their core competency lies in a particular non-tech domain,  an advantageous strategy would be to delegate the necessary development activities to a reliable focused technology team that can identify with their pace and brace with their growth.

NetTantra worked with the IM founders to build features in a way that addressed their current needs and scale while giving them enough flexibility – as if managed by an efficient in-house tech team but with reduced overhead costs. Through this approach, NetTantra was able to create a win-win solution and build robust, scalable solutions that thus became ready to address the needs of the future.


By working closely with IM and upgrading their existing website, NetTantra developed a robust web-based solution. Also, the website’s UI and backend architecture has been updated by utilizing React, Python, Java, NextJS, Core PHP, Laravel, and other technologies.

This greatly improved the user experience across devices. Members were able to take advantage of additional features and discover more tracks from a wider variety of genres. DJs can also communicate directly with labels and other DJs, which helps them obtain visibility. By staying up to date with the latest industry trends, and growing their professional network, members were better able to take advantage of new opportunities.

NetTantra’s approach has successfully solved the issue and ensured optimal cost for product development while also addressing the platform’s scalability for future.