December 2014

Mobile Apps- A Threat To Your Privacy

2014-12-01T17:36:13+05:30Android, Mobile Apps|

People have become over-reliant on mobile devices, especially on smartphones to drive their sociable, enjoyment and refinement networks. Operation of these phones is made possible by utilization of mobile applications. A mobile application, commonly referred to as apps. It is a [...]

November 2014

Android application debugging utilizing Google Chrome

2014-11-26T18:26:21+05:30Android, Google Chrome|

An android application includes functional, integration, cross-browser and usability testing of the website followed by debugging which is a must in today’s world. Web browsing has become more exclusive in compact devices which avails to inspire people to transfer their [...]

Virtual Reality – A New scope in today’s world

2014-11-24T18:25:10+05:30Virtual Reality|

Virtual Reality is something that allows everyone to experience the impossible. Virtual Reality is the term used to describe a three-dimensional, computer generated environment which can be explored and interacted by a person. Therefore we can define Virtual Reality, as something [...]

Evolution And Current Scenario Of Android Applications


Android is defined as a software stack for the mobile devices, which have plenarily transformed the way consumers use their mobile devices. It additionally includes an operating system, middleware and key applications. It is a mobile operating system (OS) predicated [...]

Importance of Ethics – From a Web Development Perspective


Every profession has its own set of ethical guidelines which most of the professionals are expected to adhere to and so does the profession of Web-development. While ethics isn’t something that people generally think about when considering a web designer, it [...]

September 2014

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