Every profession has its own set of ethical guidelines which most of the professionals are expected to adhere to and so does the profession of Web-development.

While ethics isn’t something that people generally think about when considering a web designer, it is extremely relevant. As we learn more about user behaviour, we begin to discover how easy it is to manipulate people online. In addition to this our growing knowledge of marketing and psychology, we must take the issue of professional ethics seriously.

No matter what position you work for or where you work or for whom you work, morality, ethics and honesty are things that should be followed strictly. No doubt it becomes difficult when one has to compromise on profitability by following ethics, but at the same time sticking to them can have the best results for one in a long-term perspective.

We being developers, take full control to give someone’s business a kick start. So, even if there are no specific set of rules assigned to us, it is always best to keep oneself under some checks. Web developers are not limited to take an oath like other professionals, but still follows some guidelines and limitations that help us to go a long way.

Following is a list:

General Ethics:

  • Cannot sell or share the client’s information to any other party under any circumstances. Give such information, only if the client has given you written permission to do so.
  • The confidentiality of the clients including, business connections, payment information, project information, strategies, goals or any such information should not be disclosed to anyone without the consent of the client.
  • Make sure to keep the client always in the loop, to avoid any discrepancy.
  • Do not access client’s accounts without their prior knowledge, if you are given any credentials to do so.
  • Even if you have to use any personal information of the client like payment details or credit card numbers, make sure you notify them and get their permission.

Website Development Ethics:

Genuine designing platforms and techniques must be used.

Make sure that the outlook of the website should not seem like it is supporting any radical groups or violence of any kind.

Create profitable website solutions that helps the client grow their business and intuitive website that flawlessly initiates user management which can have a pleasant experience and the client gets good ROI.

Make sure to get the sites properly navigated and a site map is always provided. Considering Government rules and regulations is a must before hosting the site or updating content.

Images used during the website development must be free of copyright issues, otherwise the client can have legal issues. Make sure that the content doesn’t violate any rules and laws by the government in any kind.

After Completion Of The Service A Review Must Be Done:

Reviews from every single customer helps to diminish the problem.
Nobody wants to be pushy, but after you’ve delivered a service or product, it makes sense to ask that they review it so that it let them know that the company takes their opinions seriously and checks that feedback daily.

Current Reputation Must Be Examined:

Reputation management can be used as a means to find out what your customer care the most about you, and then helps to focus on improving those areas. Using the feedback as guidelines helps the business to improve their business in a way that their customers will notice, appreciate, and be willing to write reviews about. We chose our own craft because we love to create, but creating without responsibility or thought equates to destruction. Therefore it is important to have an idea about what we are creating and where to improve.

Whether Good Or Bad, Responding To All FeedBack Is Necessary:

Responding to feedback lets the reviewer know that company cares about their opinions and that their comments will be read. Responding to negative criticism, allows you fix the problem and to change the negative reviews to the positive ones. Not only will this possibly save a customer, many consumers will go back and change their review. Therefore in this way, responding quickly to negative feedback can turn something that once looked bad into an example of care and concern, which helps to create a good impression that once turned into bad.
The best thing we can aspire to do as designers is work on projects that help people or bring good into the world. Ethics are something that unites us, and distinguishes us…even in the realm of website design.