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The client came to us with a re-design request for their college’s legacy website. Their old website was based on Plone – A Python based CMS which uses an object data-storage named Zope. Our CMS team analyzed the requirements and delivered a Drupal based content management solution.

Client Objective

Our client wanted a website which could be be managed easily and would have advance content management features. They also had a specific requirement of porting all of the existing content on their old website over to their new website without loosing any of their Search Engine value.

NetTantra Solution

We specifically chose Drupal because of the complexity of the existing content architecture and taxonomy on our client’s old website. The earlier version of the website was based on a legacy CMS named Plone (python based CMS), running on Zope Object data storage. To port such a data into Drupal (which has a relational data-model) required a great deal of understanding of CMS concepts and Drupal’s architecture. We had written custom Drupal module to port the data from the Object Database into Drupal’s relational data store. We also used and extended several advanced Drupal modules like Views, Webforms, Events et. al. to cater to the specific needs of the client. Multiple content types (some custom content types) and complex taxonomy were also created on Drupal to simplify the content architecture of their new website. The end result was a complete port of the legacy website content into a completely re-designed website which they could manage easily.


Drupal 7, PHP, MySQL, Plone, Python, Zope

Client Feedback

The client and their content management team were enthralled with the solution they received and are proud of their newly created a content rich yet easily manageable new website.