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The project was a Social Networking Website targeted at Soccer Players across the globe. The application needed support for several advanced features along with internationalization and multiple language support.

Client Objective

Our client came to us with an initial set of features. Besides having standard a social network features they required a system wherein soccer players from around the world could create their soccer teams, manage their formations, select their locations, schedule matches other teams. It also required to have an advanced searching system where players could search matches according to several search criteria including searching based on their locations, based on schedules etc.

Apart from the features, the client was specific about the performance of the application.

NetTantra Solution

As per the client’s requirements we provided an end-to-end solution to their requirements. In the first phase, we started by refining their requirements. Next we iterated on their user interface visions. We also helped them refine some features which we would improve the end-user experience. In the second phase, we developed the core application for core features like profile creation, graphical formation management and Google Maps based location selection. In the third phased we developed the next set of features like the location based search for which we provided a unique solution. The solution was based on implementation of the Haversine formula and its derivative the Great Circle Distance method. This was implemented in form on an advanced database query. We implemented the application to support multiple languages using GNU GetText and helped the client in creating the language-wise phrase map files. We also used Google Translations API to quicken process of creating language-wise phrase maps. We also implemented a language detection using the browser locale header.

After the development we deployed the app and optimized the performance using several caching technologies like Memcached, PHP-APC, Disk-cache etc. We also helped decided the best Web Server and CDN to help improve the performance of the app.


PHP, MySQL, WordPress’ Plugins API, BuddyPress, NGinx, Memcached, APC, Disk Caching, etc.

Client Feedback

The client was very happy with the development and consulting services we provided. A testimonial written by the client for the project can be found here.