Client Location



Our client is a member-driven, nonprofit educational organization which assists pension funds, corporations, financial institutions and endowments worldwide with carrying out their fiduciary responsibilities.

Client Objective

Our client wanted a newly designed Responsive website which must be user friendly also, which means website will be compatible on every device you browse on ,like Tablets, Smart phone, Desktops, Laptops etc. Basically our client needed a membership based on line journal which is Responsive.

NetTantra Solution

As per the clients requirement our company came out with the solution i.e to use Drupal, CMS (Responsive website). Drupal is also described as a web application framework, as it meets the generally accepted feature requirements for each frameworks. Several advanced Drupal modules were also used like Views, Boost etc.


Drupal 7, MySQL, LESS, jQuery, PHP, HTML5, BootStrap and etc.

Client Feedback

Our client found our work extremely informative and useful. They were thoroughly impressed by our work and thanked us for being such a great support and wanted to continue their relationship with us.