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Our client needed a career portal for his company. We worked closely with the client to draw up a plan for redesigning his website. Their old website was a static HTML site. Besides having a CMS based website they required a world wide details about their employee and details of their culture. Our tech team analyzed the requirements and came up with a Drupal based content management solution.

Client Objective

Our client wanted to have an advanced career portal with easy administration option.

NetTantra Solution

As per our clients requirement we chose Drupal because of the complexity of the existing content architecture on our client’s old website. The earlier version of the website was a static HTML site. The newer version was completely different from the old site of the client. To port legacy data into Drupal required a great deal of understanding of Drupal’s architecture and CMS concepts. We also used and extended several advanced Drupal modules like Views, Geolocation, Profile2, Location, Gmap, Twitter Block, Facebook Block, Linkedin Group Block etc to cater to the specific needs of the client. The end result was we converted their website into a dynamic website which is much easier to manage.


Drupal 7, MySQL, LESS, jQuery, PHP, HTML5 and etc.

Client Feedback

The client was overwhelmed with the solution they received and are more than happy with newly re-designed website.