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Electronic Medical Record System (EMRS) is a management system to maintain TB patients and workers activity records, patients’ medication data of the Hospital. EMRS can also track and monitor patients’ improvement after medication, performance index for workers and also can generate reports on demand.

Client Objective

When our client, an NGO, first came to us with the problem of online management system for creating and maintaining medical records, it was a big challenge for us, primarily because, the most active users of the system had very little or no education, and in most cases did not have any knowledge of English and our client would be using the system to track, diagnose and detect T.B on an extensive demography.

The end-user’s objective was to find patients and input there medical information into the system. So, the challenge was to create a system efficient enough to produce results and more importantly should be extremely user-friendly for a novice.

NetTantra Solution

To achieve their objectives all they required was an automated hassle-free system that could create, organize and maintain medical records with proper data analytics and charting system. This system will also be used to track the overall performance of the organization. Our team was quick to understand the objectives of the client and started working immediately. We understood their situation by visualizing their actual work-flow and then created a data model which represented their use-case with appropriate feedback from their team.


PHP, MySQL, NGinx, Yii Framework, Memcached, Linux

Client Feedback

Within a very short duration of the launch of this system our client got overwhelming results and visible performance benefits. With the success of this project our client was more than happy to recognize NetTantra as there right business partner in providing software solutions just not for now but in the future as well. A testimonial from the client can be found here.