There has always been a debate about the quality and the price associated with it. Generally a good quality product/service comes with a premium price. This is justified since the time, effort and cost required to build a high quality product or offer a great quality service is much more as compared to average or low quality products. But in recent times both the manufacturers and the consumers are looking for quality products or services at a lower or marginal cost.

There is a very high probability that the quality of a product or a service might get compromised over a period of time if the cost is marginalised. The cost reduction strategy may be beneficial in generating short term revenue and increase in market share by growing volume of sales, but in the long run this strategy will not be beneficial both for the consumer and the supplier. The end user who is more concerned about quality and reliability of a product/service will not bother to pay a premium price for it.

Let’s take a look at a few examples where quality over quantity has prevailed.

In the auto industry, BMW™’s business model of selling well-crafted luxury cars in tiers has become a standard for companies wishing to emphasise product quality. BMW™’s clear separation of its tiers, all while retaining an aura of overall luxury, was the inspiration for Steve Jobs when he returned to Apple™ in the late 1990s. At Apple™, Jobs mimicked BMW™’s tiered pricing system with his computer and iPod lines. BMW™ and Apple™ are shining examples of quality prevailing over sheer volume or quantity.

On the other hand if a product or a service is priced high just to cover up the marketing and advertising cost or to create an illusion in the minds of a customer that it is a high quality product then also it will not be beneficial in the long run. The customer will move out once they realise that the quality of the product or service is not up to the mark.

At NetTantra we ensure that our customers get the required quality, consistency and reliability in the long run both in terms of revenue and services. Our pricing might appear premium when compared to generic vendors, but we ensure value for each cent that our customers pay. We have a dedicated design and support team which gives much time and effort in development, testing and consulting with our clients to ensure that our clients get a delightful experience working with NetTantra. Our client centric approach, dedication and out of the box thinking sets us apart from the rest.

Almost all premium products are expensive, but not all expensive products are premium.