WordPressWordPress is the most popular web publishing platform on the web today. First released in 2003 by developer Matt Mullenweg as a basic blog engine, WordPress is now a full-featured, fully customizable website creation tool used by millions of individuals, businesses and organizations around the world. WordPress is most popular for its packaged application, which can be downloaded for free at WordPress.org and installed anywhere as the basis, platform, and structure for an entire website. With a very rich plugin and template architecture WordPress can be extended to fit almost any kind of Content Management Requirements. With over 25 million deployments world-wide, it is one of the most trusted choice for blogging. With custom developed plugins, one can convert a standard WordPress installation into a social network, a discussion forum, an e-commerce website and what not.

At NetTantra we have expertize in designing, modeling and developing custom plugins and templates for WordPress based applications. We also offer our expert consulting to help scale/improve your existing WordPress setups. Our work on WordPress plugins have been acclaimed by many of our clients world-wide. We also have released some open-source WordPress plugins to the public domain. They can be found here.

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