We at NetTantra work at the cutting edge of technology on the web. Anyone joining the team at NetTantra is expected to be driven and keen on learning. We believe in the competency of a person more than the degrees, diplomas or scores that he/she has earned. At NetTantra, you could be a graduate in arts with a major in political science and might be working on setting up a cloud computing infrastructure. As our tag-line goes “Crafting Excellence”, we always keep looking for those brilliant minds who when given the opportunity can glisten. At NetTantra we presently have openings in the following positions:

  • Front-end Developer

    As a Front-end Engineer you are expected to create interfaces which are as brilliant in their looks as they are in their usability. You need to have the knack of learning new stuff especially things related to the Web, Usability and Interfaces. Knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript is a must. Knowledge of JavaScript frameworks like jQuery/Dojo and advanced CSS techniques like CSS Spriting is an advantage.

  • Software Architect

    A Software Architect at NetTantra is expected to be conversant with one or more of the popular server-side scripting languages (i.e. PHP/Python/Ruby). He/She must have a good understanding of relational databases. Understanding of non-relational databases is a good to have criteria. Knowledge of MVC frameworks like Yii, Ruby on Rails or Django is an advantage.

  • Graphic/UI Designer

    More than the tools he uses a Graphic/UI Designer must be creative. Of-course without the knowledge of the tools creativity cannot be published, so we expect our designers to have a grip on one or more of the popular raster editing software like Gimp, PhotoShop, Krita, PaintShop etc. He/She must have the knowledge of any of the popular vector graphics tools like InkScape, Corel Draw, Illustrator etc. He/She must have a good understanding of UI elements and specifically UI elements pertaining to the web interfaces.

  • Business Development Executive

    As a BDE at NetTantra you are expected play an extremely important role in the company. You will be the bridge between the programmers and the client bringing in the most important component of any firm i.e. active business. You will be shouldering a good deal of responsibility towards the growth of the company.

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